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The Saga Continues…

Sushi Saga Edison, NJ 2/23/16

One of my co-workers has been on a health kick lately (We’ll call her T). T’s kinda been kickin’ ass. Actually…she’s lost a lot of weight. Go T. Anyway, I guess she eats a lot of sushi for the ‘health benefits’, and asked me if I wanted to roll with her and another coworker to get some. I said no at first, that I was trying to save money. Then she criticized me, “you don’t have 10 dollars for sushi?’. I said fuck it, and we hopped in her car and were off to no other than good ol’ Sushi Saga!

Since I’m on a budget and cheap as hell anyway I got a lunch special for $7.50 – any two regular sushi rolls with miso soup and salad. – yellow tail roll and peanut avocado roll. Shit was the same as it would be at any other sushi joint – except I never had a peanut avocado roll. My heart rate quickened when I ordered it…out of worry that it had peanuts, and there was a slight risk I could choke to death. I like to live dangerously though, so I pushed through the anxiety. Our salads and soups arrived, and my coworker got excited about the scent of the salad dressing. Started going on about how she loved that shit when she first ordered it. T even went as far to ask the waitress what the ingredients are, and to sell her a container of it. Waitress smiled nervously and said, “no, I’m sorry.” in a cute feminine Asian accent. I then apologized to the waitress, and explained to T how they didn’t want to sell their secret recipe. T’s response, “I could drink that shit out of a shoe”. I asked her what kind of shoe…she said, “a bowling shoe”. I thought it was quite hysterical that she was so smitten by the damn salad dressing.

Sushi Saga

 Something I forgot to write in my first post about this place; they have green tea ice cream. I fuckin’ love green tea ice cream, and they not only had green tea flavored ice cream…but red bean ice cream too..! (mind blown). We finished our food and the waitress took about 15 minutes to get back over to our table to ask if we were finished and if we wanted anything else (There was no one else in the place, irritating). Now, I didn’t want to ask our waitress for any secret recipes or ingredients, but what I can tell you about the red bean ice cream is that it does indeed have pieces of red beans in it. AND the shit comes off as being house made ice cream. Not in a giant tub that’s been in a freezer for 15 years with a glacier growing on it.

red beanWelp! Lo and behold! Our waitress bought over the iced creams with our individual checks AND a small container of the salad dressing for T! She was delighted, shoved it in her purse, and said she was gonna drink that shit in the car. Sushi Saga for the win today.


The Sushi Saga

Sushi Saga Edison, NJ 12/7/15

We’ve ordered take out from Sushi Saga before, but decided to dine-in since we were having our holiday ‘team’ lunch. How it works at this place is they have two menus; a hot menu and the sushi buffet. We all opted for the sushi buffet option. The process itself seemed pretty straight forward, they provide you with a paper menu and a pen and you mark off the rolls and/or sashimi and the quantity. The price was around 19.99/person (I think).

Sushi Buffet

 As I sat there, sullenly eating my sushi, I started thinking about how bad of a job the staff did with our order. How the hell could they mess this up? Each order was on an individual piece of paper. All you had to do was look at the order, make one roll, and place it on the plate; repeat for the next two and place on the same plate as the first one!!! Instead they looked at the order, made a roll, and placed all rolls on all different plates!!! (How fucking date you!)  It’s not rocket fuckin’ science, you aren’t working to save astronauts stranded in a critically damaged space craft spinning out of control towards almost certain doom (Apollo 13). Apply some tried and true business operations; the assembly line – and Henry Ford the shit out of that sushi process. Assemble the sushi from one paper, and place it all on the same fucking plate. BOOM. Done.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve gotten sushi from here before and it seemed a helluva lot fresher when I was paying by the roll instead of a flat price for all I can eat ‘I don’t know what this is’ crap. Some of the sashimi was just fried, rolled balls of I don’t even know what.  I’d order take out sushi from this joint again, but probably won’t ever choose to experience the inability of people to place one order on one plate. Weirdly enough, I did not leave this place satisfied that day, even with the option of unlimited sushi.