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Coffee and Capitalistic Ventures

The Coffee House – Edison, NJ 10/7/15

With the start of any new job you want to make sure your attentive as hell from day one, so you can soak up all the new garbage you’re gonna be dealing with. It’s no secret that I am somewhat of a caffeine addict, but I became a coffee fiend when I started my new job in Edison, NJ. Mostly churning out pots of semi-decent coffee to drink before and while on my way to the office (small 5 cup maker at home). I decided to check out this spot that I had driven by many a time on my break. Parking is limited, but you can always find a spot in the lot across the street (empty parking lot across the street that’s for a Chinese restaurant – red flag – the lots always empty – they probably use cat meat). Got a warm inviting feeling when I walked in the place…probably because I was holding a warm coffee as I entered. Place is set up real nice; sofas, lounge chairs, TV on the wall, a dining room table and a few smaller tables. The place gets pretty solid business – hasn’t been a time I’ve entered and there haven’t been patrons sitting down, sipping drinks, hacking away at their laptop keyboards working on that next big movie script. Ah, the place has free Wi-fi too which is pretty sweet. The owner – Ben – is usually always on site and friendly as all hell. First time I walked in there I struck up a convo about capitalism and how I like supporting small businesses and fuck coffee chains like Starbucks…he agreed whole heartedly about Starbucks, but really enjoys capitalistic ventures.

The product they serve in the place is pretty high quality. I liked the coffee so much I asked how much it was for a pound…$24.99 – way too rich for my blood. Nope, I’ll stick with the old ‘Chock Full O’Nuts’ or any bag of coffee less than 10 bucks – good ol’ Ben…that capitalistic bastard! Ha! I usually only order regular cups of coffee from here, but Ben has an extensive list of drinks he’ll make for you. I’ll happily pay the $2.58 Along with coffees, capcuccinos, lattes, crappafrafras the coffee house also does dessert foods and lunch foods. Can’t speak for the lunch foods, however, the bagels and croissants are pretty good…little bit on the pricey side, but I like supporting small businesses like this; friendly atmosphere, comfortable atmosphere…and to be honest I just like coffee houses in general. I kinda cut back on going to this place cause I’m getting married and am trying to save every dollar I can. I stopped by last week and had him make me an espresso with milk (I don’t know what the hell it’s called) and it ran me about 4 bucks which I wasn’t too thrilled about, but at least I got outta the office to a place I could just chill. One thing I like about this small business in particular is the rewards card. It’s a simple business card that get’s hole punched every time you buy a drink or drinks. Every time you make it to ten you get any size beverage free. Say you buy four drinks, you’d get four hole punches. So here you have a small business offering free product if you become a loyal customer…and who the hell wouldn’t want to be a loyal customer of this place? It friken’ rules.