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New Rave Terrible Cleaners

New Rave Cleaners – East Brunswick, NJ 2/9/16

Ah where to begin!! Been going to this place only because it’s close to my humble abode. It’s an ‘Organic’ cleaner which I personally don’t care about (and probably just gives them a reason to charge more). I usually would bring my stuff to a regular old cleaner, but I don’t live in close proximity to one. While – I guess – it’s a good business practice to label yourself as ‘organic’ these days (so your customers believe your environmentally friendly) it’s probably an even better business practice to actually get peoples stuff clean!!

Honestly, not a fan of this ‘organic’ cleaner crap. They don’t take plastic which irritates the hell outta me because every time I go there I never have cash. There’s a conveniently located ATM on the premises which charges you $1.50 (I think…maybe more) to take your money out of your account (ATM fees are complete horseshit). They don’t EVER get the stains on my shirts out. Mind you, I probably should be getting my dress shirts as dirty as I do, but what can I say? I’m a fuckin slob! Give me a cup of coffee and by lunch time I’ll be wearing half of it along with tomato sauce from whatever Italian slop sandwich I ate for lunch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in this joint and pointed out the stains on shirts – only then to watch as the cashier marks them with a sticker so the ‘cleaning technician’ can attack them dubiously with his ‘organic’ cleaning mechanisms. 2016-02-11 08.39.34This time in particular one of my dress shirts came back to me with a stain – I know – wasn’t there when I dropped it off (Weird mark on left sleeve cuff that looked like a water spot?). I don’t really give  a crap though considering I’m in an office with the same damn people everyday. Shit…I’ve worn the same damn pair of pants to work 4 days in a row this week (no stench, I swear). Just DGAF. I don’t plan on driving out of my way to find a new cleaner, so this place’ll have to do. They do have a sign up in the joint that states they may be unable to get some stains out. For shits sake though could ya scrub a little harder on those toothpaste stains? Maybe I’d be better with just hosing the shirt down with some cheap cologne and scrubbing the damn stains with dish detergent. One other thing that bugs me about this place is the damn parking lot. It’s small as hell and you can’t pull in one of the entrances if there’s cars parked in front. If you do, you’ll have to put your car in reverse to get the right angle to successfully make it to a free spot (which there are very few of so make sure you get there early). Bottom line is…if you are like me and use your shirt as a napkin, consider using a dry cleaner that uses harsher chemicals. The environment may suffer, but at least you can keep your Kohl’s button downs in tip-top shape.