Fuck Roosevelt’s

Roosevelt’s Deli & Catering – Fords, NJ 7/12/16

Fuck this place. We’ve ordered many a time since the last time I wrote a review about it, and every time has been a miss. This place fucking blows. I fail to understand how my co-workers can constantly order from these same shitholes. Can’t take it any more. This will be the last time I order from this toilet bowl of a deli.

I ordered a veggie egg white omelet and I got a fucking turkey egg white omelet. How the fuck do you get turkey from veggie? And to top it off….why of all the fucking omelets on the planet would you mistake someone wanting a TURKEY omelet? Has anyone in the history of mankind ever ordered slices of fucking turkey breast in an ommy? If they have then that is one sick fucking individual and belongs in the same toilet that my meal this afternoon came from!

turkey shit

Here’s a funny story about the same veggie omelet I ordered back when I first started at my office. I asked for a veggie omelet with egg whites – thinking they know to make the ommy with egg whites. Instead they make me an ommy using whole eggs, and send me a side off egg whites. I shit you not! I was happy I got a free meal at that point in my career with my company, but the fact that I got enough eggs for two days worth of breakfast!!?!?! Well, it was spectacular.

On top of them fucking up my order this manager in the office ordered soup. Now….this guy NEVER orders anything whenever we get food. Today though he couldn’t resist the urge to take part of our never ending struggle to obtain free lunch. Welp…you guessed it folks…they just straight up didn’t bring his soup. The admin that orders the lunches called them up to let ’em know they fucked up. I can’t wait for this delivery guy to get here. I’m going to question him as to who the fuck is taking the phone orders – or did they outsource that fucking job to India? Or what’s the deal with the cook’s reading skills. Does he not have the ability to correctly read orders so he just comes up with the most RANDOM, disgusting types of ommys his brain can shit out?

Okay, so I didn’t question the guy that dropped the food off. As a matter a fact he seemed a little timid. I’m not sure if he was the same delivery guy. Didn’t want to make him feel like shit….only want to make the person taking the orders and the cook feel like shit…a.k.a the food that was delivered earlier. So excited at the prospect of a freshly cooked ommy that the chef probably prepared carefully, but no….instead I get the brown fucking eggs picture below.


Ate only a third of it before I became disgusted and threw the shit away. Note; manager walked by my desk. Told him I was typing up a review for Rudeberts Reviews and he commented that the soup they delivered was cold. Really? Even on a 100 degree day they manage to fuck up soup? Fuck Roosevelt’s.


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