Out with the Old! In with the Same!

Antonio’s Brick Oven Pizza – Metuchen, NJ 6/28/16

Haven’t written a review in a while. Got kind of distracted by the good weather, getting married, and putting my wife through training school. It’s Tuesday and my coworkers couldn’t fight their insatiable need for free food. (I’m the only one in the office that packs a lunch). No managers in the office today – just the admin and us three coordinators. For some reason, I was tasked with finding a new place to eat. I’ve walked around the downtown area of Metuchen a few times, and there is a crap ton of places to get coffee and chow. I used Google to find a new place. We usually eat the same type of shit all the time (pizza places or delis). I came upon a Thai restaurant that delivered from Metuchen and they immediately start complaining about “no, I want something regular”. I let out a sigh of disappointment and find a pizza joint located on Main Street in Metuchen and everyone cheers….Antonio’s Brick Oven Pizza it is.

I printed up their menu and specials from the internet. “Just as I thought” I mutter to myself as I inspect the menu…everything that every other pizza place in the garden state has – just with different brand ingredients and item names. I must say though…this place has one hell of an extensive menu. They break their pizza up into categories which is weird; Deep dish pizzas, white pizzas, wood fire brick oven pizzas, marinara pizzas, and bar pizzas. Normally all that shit gets lumped into one category; Pizza. I’m no scientist…but I’m pretty sure all pizza is created equally. No need to break it down by the color of the pizzas skin. Ya impractical fucks. Look at how they got their cheese steaks listed on the menu though, it’s kind of funny;


Decided to play it safe and got a chicken cheese steak with hot peppers, onions, mushrooms with American cheese. When in doubt always go with the chicken cheese steak. I mean who could fuck that up? AND IF YA DO YOU SHOULD PROBABLY DROP FUCKING DEAD…..OUT OF THE FOOD INDUSTRY YA FUCK. That being said, this place shouldn’t need to drop out any time soon. The admin ordered the food and stated they’d have the grub delivered by 1230pm. Right on time. Someone wants extra brownie points from a new customer!! Antonio!! You sly dog you!! To my surprise my cheese steak wasn’t sloppy like most cheese steaks. Maybe I just watch too many cooking shows, or maybe I’m just a fucking snob, but the flavor profiles were there. (I’m not even sure what the fuck that means, but laugh when I say it to my wife when we cook at home) Moderately sized portion for $7.95. I’m definitely full.

The free food fiends (AKA my coworkers) all seemed to have the same response when I individually questioned them as to  how their food selection was…”it was good”. Thanks coworkers. Maybe a little more feedback next time and perhaps a “ALL HAIL RUDEBERT”. It’s like they care, but they don’t care. The admin got a grilled shrimp salad. I went to the kitchen to get a drink and she was done eating the shrimp and was in the process of throwing the entire salad in the trash. I laughed. Wasteful. I guess since everyone was delightfully satisfied we’ll be ordering from this place for the next fifteen years. Out with the old, in with the same.


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