I got no beef with corned beef.

Roosevelt’s Deli & Catering – Fords, NJ 3/16

I’ve just come to call this place Rosie’s at this point. Felt like ordering a special today; Corned Beef Rueben. Damn, I know Roosevelt’s menu is mostly the regular old American slop, but they should really consider keeping this sandwich on the menu year round. It was kind of small, but still filling…not too filling, but enough to make the hunger subside. I grow weak ’round noon time…low blood sugar. Diabetus. Rosie’s is definitely my favorite of all the places we order from when it comes to good ol’ American slop. They sure as hell did the Irish justice with this corned beefed sloppy.


The sandwich cost $6.95 and was on their special menu. It came with a small piece of Irish soda bread was equally as delicious. Sweet, soft…like my lovely ass wife. My co-workers are beginning to understand when I like something we order…I must have said aloud how good the sandwich was six times. One of them got the same thing, and also thought it was good. Delivery time was good today. I guess other local businesses are tired of the slop they serve, and they weren’t as busy. Seems Rosie’s has no beef with the corned beef, so definitely get your fill of this sloppy before they take it off the menu. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the next time America celebrates Irish heritage by feeding cattle nothing but corn. (Update; just realized that’s not how they make corned beef…and that apparently it’s an American-Irish dish)

Side note; would of been sweet if the delivery person was dressed as a leprechaun to further show their support of Irish-American heritage. Open mouth smile for this one bitches!



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