How bout some chicken with that salad sandwich?

Good Fellas – Fords, NJ 3/9/16

Office ordered from Good Fellas again today. I’m sick as fuck of the places near the office. This place is the same as all the others. Part of the problem could be I order the same shit every time, but hey nothing on the menu sounds more appetizing than anything else. Maybe the real problem is there’s an overabundance of shitty places for offices to order from in NJ.  I’m going to suggest the next place we order from and be rude as hell about it. “We order from the same fucking places every time, fuck everybody’s diets…lets get Mexican”. Then a mariachi band will walk into the office, start playing, and I’ll start dancing.

I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich…at least I thought I did. It showed up as shredded iceberg lettuce on semolina bread. Seriously, see below photo. Dryer than the Sahara, flatter than the flattest flapjacks, this chicken cutlet below is the slimmest I’ve seen…like they put it through deli slicer.

Skinny ass Chicken Cutlet

Not to mention the chicken was supposed to be grilled. It looks like someone threw a flat iron on it and sprayed water underneath to steam it. You may be asking yourself why there’s a salad dressing wrapper in this photo. It’s because I needed dressing for my salad sandwich. Love it. Masters of their craft! The almighty inconsistency of the Good Fellas!!


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