Sam Smith…the Brewery…Not the Singer

Sam Smith – Organic Chocolate Stout – 2/21/16

I’ve had mostly all of this breweries beers except; the Wheat Beer and the Yorkshire Stingo (Because I can’t find them anywhere) – oh, and their fruit beers (Because I’m not a fan of fruit drinks). They’re based out of the UK (Home of many a fine Brew). First experience with this brewery was during a beer marathon in DC. They were serving full bottles of it at Science Club (One of the gastropubs listed on the marathon map). My wife and I were impressed with it from the get go, and my love for it (similarly to the love for my wife) grew over time.

This stout is organic which I think is pretty cool. They brew a couple other organic beers; lager, pale ale, wheat beer, and some fruity varieties – which I don’t really care for. Check out the full list here; Samuel Smith Brewing.  Stouts and Porters are my style of choice when it comes to beer. Sam Smith is definitely my go to regular when I’m having a cold one in the evening. Luckily, because of the craft beer boom, more liquor stores are carrying single bottles which is pretty sweet. It’s pretty damn interesting that I like this beer as much as I do. Now that I think about it (and I’ll have to look in to this), but in some instances I think this is one of the only organic beers that a majority of liquor stores by me carry (aside from the aforementioned organic beers from the same brewery). If you’re looking for a solid stout, flavorful and satisfying; definitely try this, it’s worth it.


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