Good Fellas, Meh Food

Good Fellas – Fords, NJ 2/4/16

Back in action! For some reason we always order from Good Fellas when I decide to get back into the review game. It’s not that we haven’t been ordering, or that I haven’t been eating out…I just didn’t have the energy to write a review. THAT BEING SAID (after 48oz’s of coffee) – let’s get started. Today I ordered something from the regular menu at Good Fellas…something I don’t do too often because usually their specials are AIIGHT. Spicy Roast Beef & Jalapeño Cheese Sub. They had me sold on it the second I read the name –  considering most of these pizza places that serve subs all serve the same shit – because it’s name led me to believe it was soo different (oh my!). Ingredients; havarti jalapeno cheese, Cajun mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions, oil & vinegar served on semolina bread. I ordered it without mayo, but that didn’t stop them from loading the fucker up with it. (This is a common practice of many food places in NJ – tell them what not to put on it, and they’ll fuckin’ load that son bitch up like garbage in a dumpster). My thought process lad me to believe that because it’s name the word jalapeño it would be spicy…not true…not true at all. There wasn’t any point during the consumption of this masterpiece that I felt any spice that would register on the Scoville scale. (Maybe this sub is falsely advertised – considering jalapeño’s are between 2,500 – 10,000 SHUs) – or maybe I shouldn’t of inferred that a cheese that’s infused with jalapeños is going to be hot. Not to mention they advertise the roast beef as being spicy…which just seemed like ordinary roasted beef to me. Didn’t appear to be dry rubbed with any spices or anything. Now some of you may argue, “But Rudebert, why don’t you just add the spice yourself?”…because I don’t carry a bottle of fuckin’ hot sauce around with me…that’s why.scoville-heat-units1

The three tons of mayo they put on it made it a sloppy mess to eat….I should of resorted to eating it with a fork and knife considering I needed a towel to clean myself off after each bite. We didn’t have a super huge order today considering there aren’t any technicians or managers in the office today; but damn, it took that shit an hour or longer to get here. I was pretty hungry when we ordered so I put myself down for a whole; for $12.30. It was definitely worth the price…I only ate half of it….probably kill the other half tomorrow…as sloppy, non spicy, and a little soggy as it was.20160204_125117


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