Roosevelt’s Deli, Catering, and Inconsistent Foods

Roosevelt’s Deli and Catering – Fords, NJ 10/23/15

Nothing like a free meal from the same place once a week. There was a vote in the office for ordering today and  no one really cared…so the guy that initiated the vote just decided on….you guessed it!!! The good ol’ hit or miss quality of Roosevelt’s!!! Damn. It’s Friday, and usually on Fridays I head over to Le Peep (which I’ve previously eaten/reviewed) however I felt like saving the money today because I’m getting married and need to save any and all ways possible.

Breakfast is my favorite meal and I’ve never gotten it from Roosevelt’s before. This temp that worked in my office would always order it, he’s gone now…but the insane amount of items he’d list he wanted from wherever we ordered will live on in infamy.  Co-workers went into the kitchen before me to get their food. One remarked that he’d happily help me with the turkey bacon (I guess it looked appetizing to him). Not gonna lie, from my perspective the turkey bacon looked kind of disgusting. I’m talking quality here. It also looked kinda undercooked (good thing he volunteered to take that shit off my hands – hate wasting food) First off, it was kind of oddly colored – guess it’s all the leftover parts of the turkey crammed together into a thinly rectangular brick of meat slop thinly slice to represent actual bacon. The order took a little longer to get here than usual, which – whatever who cares. I find breakfast is something you should really sit down and order, not get delivered. I figured the food was going to be cold which I was right about. This didn’t help the bacon situation. First piece I picked up was slathered in a nice layer of grease or oil. It wasn’t crispy – as I said it was kind of undercooked – if that shit aint somewhat crispy then get it away from me (snobby fuck when it comes to my bacons). So here you have a product that’s so far; disheartening to look at, undercooked, slimy, and cold. Sounds amazing (sarcasm). I ended up eating one and a half slices then giving the rest to the co-worker that remarked if I needed assistance eating it he was the go to – all your buddy. (low standards). The rest of my meal wasn’t too bad. I got the veggie omelet (peppers, onions, and mushrooms) it came with toast and home fries. Just like the bacon everything was cold. I enjoyed the omelet, home fries and toast. The best parts of this meal were; A) None of the food was wasted C) the eggs, homefries, and toast only cost 5.95 without the bacon. Couldn’t find the listed price of the bacon as a side. Guess their menu could use an update or twelve because after checking the menu out I realized the grilled chicken sandwich I usually get isn’t on there either.


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