Roosevelt’s Deli & Catering – Fords, NJ 10/13

For some reason my work place enjoys ordering from the same places consistently even after I bring them menu’s from faraway lands promising new endeavors for lunch. Damn, Roosevelt’s again?  Who’s going to pass up free food though, ya know? I went with the health conscious decision of ordering a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and onion (I’ve ordered this from here before). Damn it, every fucking time I order it I’m biting into a piece of chick filth. Fat, cartilage, purple veins and all that lovely shit. I hate that. What’re the odds of the guy grilling the damn chicken of seeing those parts and cutting them off so I don’t have to spit a mouthful of chicken shit into the garbage can next to my desk in my office? I’m not asking for filet mignon of chicken breast here, but god damn it…could ya fuckin get with your supplier and save one of these fine chicken specimens and throw it in the fuckers face so he knows not to send you that in the next bucket you order from him. The roll was good – fresh…same with the lettuce, tomato, and onion. Good news is the order was larger today because of an in office meeting…food still manages to get here in a timely manner every time. Typical hit or miss shit of Roosevelts.


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