Good Try

Good Fellas – Fords, NJ 12/16/15

Damn, haven’t written a review in a while. We ordered Good Fellas at the office today and I got one of the specials off the special list they fax over to us on a daily basis. The sandwich is called the Mama Mia. All I can say is Mama Mia in my best Mario accent possible. Shit is good. People complimented my choice…and I acted like I had made it myself with ingredients from my yard. “Oh yes, I grew the eggplants in my yard and fed my organic chickens the finest chicken feed so their meats would be succulent and juicy for my Mama Mia sandwich” I say to them. The Mama Mia is wholly comprised of semolina bread a piece of golden fried, breaded chicken cutlet with a slice of fried eggplant plant on top smothered in tomato sauce with a thick piece of melted mozzarella cheese oozing over the sides – like mount saint fuckin’ Helen blowing it’s top with lava running down the sides of the mountain; powerful, sexy, and mother fuckin’ deliciousness.

As I finish eating I proclaim to my coworkers that this is by far the best sandwich, or meal for that matter, I’ve eaten since beginning work in this office 14 months ago…silence…no one cares…..BUT I DO! Priced at an amazing $7.50 and comes with homemade chips. One thing that accentuated the taste were the sesame seeds on the semolina bread. Definitely added a nice robust flavoring smack to my taste buds. I have a hunch, and this is just a hunch here folks…the reason the food came so damn deliciously prepared today is because we ordered lunch at like 1045am. Guess the chefs weren’t that busy when we called and could focus on their craft; making their Mama’s proud. Only dislike is that I was hungry…and even though we ordered early as fuck the food didn’t get here til’ about noon. Bastahds.


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